Eurosonics - Premier Provider of Electropolishing Services

Eurosonics provides Electropolishing Services That Are Second to None For Quality Results.

Eurosonics - Custom Built Ultrasonic Equipment

Do You Require a Custom Built Ultrasonics Equipment Solution? If So Call Us Today To Discuss Your Project

Eurosonics - Powder Coating Specialist

Eurosonics Is A Specialist in The Application Of Powder Coating Solutions. From Automotive applications, To Furniture To Home or Industrial Appliances. We Can Help.

Eurosonics - Wet Spray Painting Solutions

Eurosonics Also Provides Superior Wet Spray Painting Services For Industrial Applications.

Eurosonics - Thermoplastic Coating Application

Experts in the process of applying a thermoplastic coating to the surface of metal items to provide long-term corrosion, impact and chemical resistance.

Electropolishing Services

Electropolishing is an excellent way to bring out an unparalleled finish in stainless steel. The process of electropolishing has been utilised in the stainless steel industry for the purpose of providing the most effective way of polishing the metal\'s surface, but more importantly, of providing a surface far more resistant to rust or tea-staining.

Ultrasonic Equipment

Eurosonics Ltd offers a wide assortment of ultrasonic cleaning machines and business opportunities specializing in window blind cleaning, fire restoration, mold remediation, parts cleaning and golf club cleaning. Inventors of the original blind cleaning machine, we manufacture our ultrasonic cleaners to top quality standards.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a dry finishing process. Finely ground particles of pigment and resin are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the products to be coated. The parts to be coated are electrically grounded, so that the charged particles adhere to them until melted and fused into a solid coating in a curing oven.

Wet Spray Painting

We offer a range of high quality, cost effective wet spray finishes for many products from small plastic parts to large off shore gas pipes. We strive to maintain reliable turn around times without sacrificing the quality of the finish. Our proactive approach to quality control ensures the highest service for all our customers.

Plastic Coating

The spraying of Thermoplastic Powders uses a similar process to powder coating. Charged Thermoplastic Powder particles are sprayed onto metalwork. However the next stage is to melt the plastic powder particles onto the metalwork. The benefit is to be able to plastic coat work, with all the features that entails, which is usually too big or too fragile to be dip coated.

About Us

Eurosonics is a specialist cleaning services provider that offers a vast range of highly specialised cleaning services, material treatments and protective coatings across Ireland. We have invested in developing our processes and staff so that our clients receive a service second to none.