Best Wireless Home Security Cameras 2022

Best Wireless Home Security Cameras 2022

4.8 out of 5 stars

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If you want a camera system but you’re no electrician, we suggest looking at wireless security cameras.

A wireless security camera does everything a wired camera does, just with less hassle and fewer wires.

We recommend the Arlo Pro 4, the Wyze Cam Pan, and the Wyze Cam v3, for starters. Let’s dive in.

What’s the difference between a wired, wireless, and wirefree camera? Wired cameras have to be wired directly into your system. Wireless cameras can communicate without additional electrical wiring. And wirefree cameras don’t require any cords at all. So basically, a wireless camera may not be wirefree, but a wirefree camera is always wireless. You can generally install both types yourself.

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Data effective 03/29/2022. Offers subject to change.

What to look for in a wireless home security camera

The first step when looking for a wireless camera is defining what you mean by wireless.

Sometimes, when people think wireless, they actually mean wirefree. A wireless camera doesn’t use electrical wiring to communicate with its camera storage device, but it can use either a plug or batteries. In contrast, a wirefree camera steers clear of wires or cords of any kind, including power cords.

Most people looking for a wireless camera just don’t want the hassle of hardwiring, and they don’t mind plugging their camera in. But some people want their camera in a place where a plug won’t work, so they’re actually looking for wirefree.

You can start thinking about other features after you’ve figured out what kind of wireless camera you’re looking for.

Wireless security camera features that work best for homeowners:

  • Motion detection
  • Person detection
  • Sound detection
  • Night vision
  • Lights
  • Siren
  • Two-way audio
  • Weatherproofing (for outdoor security cameras)
  • Home compatibility

We recommend cameras with multiple types of detection so that they never miss an important event.

Night vision and lights help you see video clips more clearly, and sirens are a great way to scare off anyone you don’t want around. Similarly, two-way audio allows you to hear what’s going on and talk to or tell off folks on the business side of the camera.

If you put a camera outside, it needs weatherproofing! Luckily, it’s easy to figure out which cameras have enough weatherproofing: they’re labeled as outdoor security cameras.

And if you have a home security ecosystem, then ideally, you’ll want to pick a camera compatible with the products you already own.

Arlo Pro 4: Best for outdoor use

4.8 out of 5 stars

We see a lot of folks looking for wireless, wirefree cameras for outside their homes, where wiring is a hassle and plugs are hard to come by. If that sounds like you, the Arlo Pro 4 is an excellent choice for your needs.

Wirelessness isn’t the only thing to recommend this camera. The Arlo Pro 4 also has 2K video quality, color night vision, a spotlight, and a zoom feature for a better viewing experience. Its two-way audio lets you talk to anyone the camera picks up—and there’s even a siren in case of an emergency.

The Arlo Pro 4 camera and its charging wires, mounting equipment, and paper work sit on a table just out of the box

There’s also Arlo advanced object detection, which differentiates between people, animals, vehicles, and packages. This precision keeps your camera push notifications to a manageable level. It also helps you know when to respond to a notification and when you can leave it.

Unfortunately, the advanced detection costs extra. We don’t love that Arlo charges an arm, a leg, and a kidney for some of its cameras, then turns right around and charges more for the top features. Paying to use something you already own feels a little like highway robbery.

But with more and more cameras moving towards a subscription model, these kinds of costs are not only accepted, they’re expected.

Data effective 03/29/2022. Offers subject to change.

To be clear, you can’t use your advanced object detection without the subscription, and you won’t have any cloud storage either.

Arlo Secure and Arlo Secure Plus used to be called Arlo Smart and Arlo Smart Elite.

Arlo Pro 4 equipment

There are a couple things you should know about the Arlo Pro 4 hardware.


Like many wireless cameras, the Arlo Pro 4 relies on rechargeable batteries. These batteries are supposed to last six months—but we tested them, and they don’t stay charged that long .

We saw the Pro 4 hold an okay charge over several weeks, though, so it’s not like you’ll take the batteries out every day or even every month. And you always have the option of extending the battery life with an Arlo solar panel.

Base station

Many Arlo cameras need a base station or smart hub to work, but the Arlo Pro 4 doesn’t.

That’s not to say you can’t use an Arlo hub if you already have one! With the hub, you get free local storage. That’s a boon if you don’t want to pay for the monthly subscription.


The Arlo Pro 4 works with Amazon Echo, Google Home, IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings. Basically, that means you can use this camera with almost any smart home setup.

And why does that matter? Because a smart home can make your life way easier.

To simplify your daily tasks, you can create automatic events and smart home chains (where one action leads to another). Imagine leaving the house and your house automatically locking, arming the home security system, and turning on the cameras. Almost as good as Fort Knox!

Wyze Cam Pan: Best for indoor use

4.3 out of 5 stars

Looking for a wireless camera you can use indoors? We’ve got a great plug-in 1080p camera that you can set on a tabletop or bookshelf: the Wyze Cam Pan.

The Wyze Cam Pan isn’t as flashy as the Arlo Pro 4 (no lights, no sirens), but it’s well-suited to indoor needs. It has a 360° mechanical pan and tilt, so it can sweep an entire room. And the camera also comes with sound detection.

Sound detection is when a camera records and/or pans because it hears a noise. Noise usually precedes movement, so sound detection often picks up on things motion detection misses. Sometimes, a camera even hears something that never appears on the screen. If there’s suspicious activity in another room, you might pick up some audio.

As a bonus, this camera is very affordable. Even the subscription costs won’t break the bank. Which is great because, like with the Arlo Pro 4, the Wyze Cam Pan’s advanced motion settings are useless without a paid subscription.

Data effective 03/29/2022. Offers subject to change.

The Wyze subscription plans are a little confusing, so let’s break it down.

If you go with the free Basic plan, you get partial motion-triggered recordings (called Snapshots) with a five-minute cooldown between each Snapshot. If something suspicious happens in your home, you’ll see bits and pieces—but you won’t catch all of it.

If you pay for Cam Plus, you have unlimited, complete, back-to-back recordings. Nothing will escape the keen eye of your Wyze Cam. And you’ll also get person detection, package detection, vehicle detection, fast-forward capabilities, subscriber discounts, the works.

We recommend springing for Cam Plus because it’s so affordable and offers so much. But if you decide not to pay for the subscription, you’ll still get basic motion detection and sound detection.

Wyze Cam Pan equipment

You can use your Wyze Cam Pan with an Amazon Echo device, a Google Nest Smart Hub, a Google Chromecast, or the IFTTT platform.

The main smart home function of the Wyze Cam? You can live stream it to Alexa devices with screens.

If you have other Wyze products, you can easily connect them through the IFTTT app.

Wyze Cam v3: Best budget option

4.5 out of 5 stars

If you’re thinking, “Wow, I don’t want to spend $100+ on my wireless home security camera. I want to spend, like, as much as I would for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory,” then you’re (surprisingly) in luck. Say hello to the Wyze Cam v3.

Copy of wyze-cam-v3-1

The v3 is the budget-friendliest wireless camera we recommend. But it’s not just affordable. It’s also a genuinely nice indoor-outdoor camera!

It doesn’t pan and tilt like the Wyze Cam Pan, but it has a siren for emergencies. It also has all the Cam Pan’s advanced motion features and sound detection.

The v3 also has color night vision, which you don’t usually see at this low of a price. Color night vision isn’t a must-have, but it can be instrumental in an outdoor camera. It helps you differentiate between objects that would be indistinct in black and white, and it can even allow you to make out things like the hair and eye color of an intruder.

And it’s not just the camera that’ll fit your budget. Wyze Cam Plus is astoundingly inexpensive—just $15 a year for unlimited cloud storage and advanced motion features.

Data effective 03/29/2022. Offers subject to change.

Once again, if you choose to go with the free plan, you’ll have shorter video clips with a five-minute cooldown.

You also won’t get the cool motion detection features, like person detection to alert you to trespassers or package detection to let you know you have a delivery.

Wyze Cam v3 equipment

The v3 has a little more smart home automation than the Pan Cam because it works with Google products other than the Nest Hub and Chromecast. Otherwise, v3 compatibility and Pan Cam compatibility are the same.

Arlo Essential Spotlight: Most versatile

4.3 out of 5 stars

There’s a lot to love about the Arlo Essential Spotlight, but our favorite feature is its versatility. It works indoors and outdoors and has night vision, two-way audio, a siren, a spotlight, and tons of smart home compatibility to fill various needs.

Copy of arlo-essentials-spotlight-cam-1

We tested the Essential Spotlight for about a month, and nothing got past it. Any time we walked past, the camera recorded and the spotlight snapped on. In fact, this camera was a little too sensitive, so we had to play with the motion settings and zones so it would only pick up on certain movements in certain areas.

Like the Arlo Pro 4, the Essential Spotlight needs a paid plan if you want to use cloud storage and advanced motion detection.

Data effective 03/29/2022. Offers subject to change.

Arlo Essential Spotlight equipment

Like the Arlo Pro 4, the Arlo Essential Spotlight doesn’t require a hub.

But (also like the Arlo Pro 4), if you want to use the Essential with an Arlo SmartHub, you totally can. Take full advantage of that free local storage!


The Arlo Essential Spotlight Cam has the same compatibility as the Arlo Pro 4: it works with most major smart home setups.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery: Security system-compatible

4 out of 5 stars

Want a camera that works directly with a home security system? In that case, try the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery. It’s easy to set up and has the power of the entire Ring brand behind it. Plus it also works with a Ring Alarm system.

Word on the street is that the wired version of this camera is a bit more reliable—but if you’re okay with potentially missing a clip now and then, the wireless version should suit you fine.

Ring’s mastered these easy-to-use cameras, and the Ring Spotlight Cam is a prime example. You do have to mount the camera using a plate and screws, but other than that, you won’t have a lot of work to get this camera up and running.

The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery has a lot of similar features to Arlo and Wyze cameras, although it doesn’t have package detection. That’s not a big problem if you’re using the camera somewhere other than your porch, but if you want to catch package thieves, this may not be the best camera.

We think the major plus of picking a Ring camera is its Ring Alarm compatibility. With a camera that works with a security system, you only need one app to access your cameras and system.

You can also often bundle your home security monitoring with your camera storage. And Ring is no exception! Bundling Ring camera and home security services gives you an awesome deal.

Data effective 03/29/2022. Offers subject to change.

Most home security companies charge quite a bit extra for cloud storage or require separate camera and alarm subscriptions. The Ring Protect Pro plan is affordable and makes it easy to pay for both your cameras and your alarm at once.

Refreshingly, when you pay for Ring cloud storage, you’re paying just for the storage. You’re not also paying for Ring’s motion detection or anything else—once you own this camera, its features are yours to enjoy.

Ring equipment

You can use the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery on its own, in a Ring camera system, or alongside a Ring Alarm home security system. The products are easy to purchase on Amazon or directly from Ring.

Our only word of caution: Ring is known to work in conjunction with the police. If you aren’t comfortable with that, you’ll want to buy elsewhere.

Arlo Pro 4 vs. Arlo Ultra 2 Review 2022

Arlo Pro 3 camera

We are committed to sharing unbiased reviews. Some of the links on our site are from our partners who compensate us. Read our disclosure policies to learn more.

The Arlo Pro 4 and the Arlo Ultra 2 are both smart outdoor security cameras, but the Pro 4 is a slightly less fancy version of the Ultra 2. These two cameras have very similar features, but the Arlo Ultra 2 has slightly more features to offer than the Arlo Pro 4.

That said, the Arlo Ultra 2 does cost a lot more for the upgrades and we don’t think you need to pay the higher price for the Ultra 2 when the Pro 4 would work just fine. Despite its minorly downgraded specs, the Pro 4 actually has some benefits over the Ultra 2—and you can get it for cheaper.

Arlo Pro 4

Arlo Ultra 2

Arlo Pro 4 vs. Arlo Ultra 2: Price

The Arlo Pro 4 costs less than the Arlo Ultra 2 by like . a lot. You’ll pay three hundred dollars less for a single Arlo Pro 4 camera than you would for the standard two-camera kit you get with the Arlo Ultra 2.

You can buy a single Arlo Ultra 2 security camera, but it still costs almost $100 more than the Arlo Pro 4 camera, and you can’t use the Ultra 2 without an Arlo SmartHub. (The Arlo Pro 4 doesn’t need a hub.)

Arlo Pro 4 vs. Arlo Ultra 2 price comparison

$155.99 for 1 camera

$472.00 for 2-camera kit List Prices as of 9/06/2022 11:08 PST. Full disclaimer

Arlo Pro 4 pricing

The Arlo Pro 4 is still kind of a pricey cam at over $150 for a single outdoor security camera. But Arlo packs a lot of features into the Pro 4, and we think the price is fair for what you get.

Arlo Pro 4 camera kit pricing

$167.99 for 1 camera

$493.99 for 3 cameras List Prices as of 9/06/2022 11:08 PST.

We also like that the Arlo Pro 4 doesn’t require an Arlo SmartHub. Previous models of the Arlo Pro security cameras, including the Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Pro 3, required the SmartHub to work, but the Arlo Pro 4 lets you skip it.

You can still use the Arlo SmartHub with your Pro 4 camera if you want to. And the SmartHub has some perks, namely local storage. You can store video recordings and footage locally on the SmartHub without relying on Arlo’s cloud storage service.

3 Arlo Pro 4 cameras in a row

Because most of Arlo’s other security cameras require the SmartHub, you usually have to buy them in multi-camera kits. The fact that you can buy a single Arlo Pro 4 camera without a hub saves you some money over previous Arlo Pro editions (and over the Arlo Ultra 2).

Arlo Ultra 2 pricing

Unlike the Arlo Pro 4, the Arlo Ultra 2 requires an Arlo SmartHub to work. If you already have a SmartHub, then you can connect an add-on Ultra 2 camera to your existing hub. But if you don’t have a hub, then you’ll need to buy the Arlo Ultra 2 as part of a two-camera kit.

Arlo Ultra 2 kit price comparison

$249.99 for 1 add-on camera

$472.00 for 2-camera kit List Prices (as of 9/06/2022 11:08 PST)

We know it’s weird that Arlo doesn’t sell the Ultra 2 as part of a one-camera kit, but that’s how it rolls. If you want only one security camera, you can cheat the system and buy an add-on camera and a SmartHub separately. That method can potentially save you about $100 over buying the two-camera kit. It’s just kind of a hassle.

Arlo Ultra 2 camera

Keep in mind that Arlo makes a few different models of hubs. If you want to buy a hub and Ultra 2 camera separately, double-check that the SmartHub you’re looking at is compatible with the Arlo Ultra 2. Arlo releases new versions of its cameras what feels like once a year. And the old stuff doesn’t always work with the new models.

Keep in mind that Arlo makes a few different models of hubs. If you want to buy a hub and Ultra 2 camera separately, double-check that the SmartHub you’re looking at is compatible with the Arlo Ultra 2. Arlo releases new versions of its cameras what feels like once a year. And the old stuff doesn’t always work with the new models.

Arlo Smart subscription plans

Whether you get the Arlo Pro 4 or the Arlo Ultra 2, you’re going to want to sign up for an Arlo Smart subscription plan. You don’t have to, but without an Arlo Smart plan, the cameras aren’t worth it.

Arlo Smart subscription plan comparison

Data effective as of 9/06/22. Offers subject to change.

* 4K resolution is available on Arlo Ultra Pro 2 but not on Arlo Pro 4.

You need an Arlo Smart Plan to get full 2K resolution (with the Arlo Pro 4) or full 4K resolution (with the Arlo Ultra 2). An Arlo Smart plan also grants you access to Arlo’s AI technology, which tells your security cameras the difference between a car driving down the street, a package on your porch, and the neighborhood cat.

We can’t emphasize enough how great smart alerts are. Most motion-detector security cameras can’t tell the difference between your spouse and a squirrel. But Arlo security cameras can tell you right in the notification whether they see a person, package, vehicle, or animal. It’s awesome.

If you never want to miss a moment, you can pay an additional fee and add continuous video recording. Arlo charges $9.99 a month for 14 days or 30 days for $19.99.

Arlo Pro 4 vs. Arlo Ultra 2: Features

The Arlo Ultra 2 technically has better features, but you sacrifice internet bandwidth and battery life

The Arlo Ultra 2 technically has better features than the Arlo Pro 4, but it’s not a huge difference. The Ultra 2 records in higher resolution (4K vs. 2K), and has a wider field of view, but honestly, that’s about it. The biggest difference is definitely the Ultra 2′s fancy 4K resolution, which puts the clear in "crystal clear."

Arlo Pro 4 vs. Arlo Ultra 2 features

Camera Arlo Pro 4 Arlo Ultra 2
Resolution 2K with HDR 4K with HDR
Digital zoom 12x digital zoom 12x digital zoom
Field of view 160º 180º
Operating temperature -4º to 110º F (-20º to 45º C) -4º to 110º F (-20º to 45º C)
Night vision Color night vision (with spotlight) Color night vision (with spotlight)
Power source Battery-powered Battery-powered
Requires SmartHub No Yes
Motion detection Yes Yes
Built-in spotlight Yes Yes
Built-in siren Yes Yes
Auto track and zoom Yes Yes
Two-way audio with noise cancellation Yes Yes
Customizable motion zones Yes Yes
Learn more View Arlo Pro 4 on Amazon View Arlo Ultra 2 on Amazon

Data effective as of 9/06/22. Offers subject to change.

We tested the Arlo Pro 4 and the Arlo Ultra side by side, and while the 4K resolution is fun, it’s not necessary.

The Ultra 2 doesn’t take amazingly better video than the Arlo Pro 4, and the 4K resolution puts a bigger burden on both your internet connection and the camera’s battery. Our Arlo Pro Ultra 2 battery died twice in one month while the Arlo Pro 4 was still going strong.

Arlo Pro 4 vs. Arlo Ultra 2: User experience

The user experience with these two cameras is similar. With the Ultra 2, you have to install the Arlo SmartHub first and then sync the cameras with it.

With the Arlo Pro 4, you get to skip the hub installation. But otherwise, these security cameras are about the same. They use the same Arlo app, they have the same setting options, and they send the same types of alerts.

Arlo Ultra 2 on a fence

The Arlo Pro 4 and the Arlo Ultra 2 also both have built-in spotlights and built-in sirens. The spotlights are useful because they turn on automatically when the camera detects motion.

The light makes it easier to see when you’re walking through your yard, and it helps the camera record better quality footage at night. Both the Pro 4 and the Ultra 2 have standard night vision, but the built-in spotlight lets the cameras record in color instead of the usual black-and-white night vision quality.

Arlo Pro 4 vs. Arlo Ultra 2: Customer service

Because both of these cameras are from Arlo, they have exactly the same customer support resources. Arlo has an online support and knowledge base that can answer questions, help you troubleshoot issues, and tell you how to adjust your camera settings.

If you need a real person, you can reach out to Arlo over the phone, through live chat, or by posting in Arlo’s community forums. You can also submit a case if you have an issue that’s covered by Arlo’s one-year warranty.

Arlo customer service phone number: 1-408-638-3750

We love that Arlo has so many ways to access support resources, but some customers still don’t seem to have great experiences with the company. Arlo has a measly 1.3 stars on Trustpilot, albeit with less than 200 customer reviews. 1 Most of the negative reviews seem to focus on Arlo cameras’ build quality and battery life.

Arlo Pro 4 vs. Arlo Ultra 2: Recap

The Arlo Ultra 2 technically has better features than the Pro 4, but we don’t think they’re worth paying the Ultra 2′s higher price. The Arlo Pro 4 works almost exactly the same as the Ultra 2, and it doesn’t require a SmartHub.

  • Price: Arlo Pro 4. The Arlo Pro 4 costs a lot less than the Arlo Ultra 2, and you get almost the same features.
  • Features and installation: Tie. The Arlo Ultra 2 has slightly better features, but the 4K resolution takes up more internet bandwidth and strains the battery.
  • User experience: Arlo Pro 4. These security cameras work almost exactly the same, but the Arlo Pro 4 doesn’t need a hub and its battery lasts longer.
  • Customer service: Tie. These are both Arlo cameras, so they’re backed up by the exact same support resources.

Want to check out an even cheaper Arlo security camera? Read our Arlo Essential Review.