Eurosonics is a specialist cleaning services provider that offers a vast range of highly specialised cleaning services, material treatments and protective coatings across Ireland. We started life in 2005, where Beverley Mulready founded the fledgling company. From our small North Dublin facility we offered a small range of services, including kitchen cleans and pavement cleans/chewing gum removal from two vans.

By 2007 we had moved into larger premises in Blanchardstown and now had 4 office staff and a small team of specialist cleaning staff to tackle our growing range of services that now included, ultrasonic cleaning of blinds and industrial parts, commercial window cleaning, graffiti removal, sand blasting and spray painting.

In 2008 we expanded yet again into larger premises in Blanchardstown as well as setting up a second office in Shannon, to allow us to deal more effectively with our growing number nationwide clients. Eurosonics added the supply and application of a specialist range of high performance coatings for floors and walls, which has been an instant success.

At Eurosonics, we believe our success is due to two key factors. Firstly, we have invested in developing our processes and staff. To this end we are an ISO9001 registered firm and our staff receive training in all key areas in order to allow them to deliver top-quality results. To this end our staff receive a combination of in-house training and Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certificate (IICRC) training.

Secondly, our project and quality management technologies give us a level of transparency and control of our projects that is unique in our industry. It also means that our relationship with clients is far more real-time than the traditional use of telephone and email, allowing us to react to requests and reports quickly and effectively.

We look forward to managing your specialist cleaning projects, so please browse our site and if you would like to discuss any of the content, or you would like a quotation for a specific job, please feel free to contact us today.