Cleaning Services


Engineering Parts Cleaning

Ultrasonic Blinds in progressUltrasonic cleaning technology uses sound waves passed through an aqueous solution to efficiently clean even tiny crevices.

As the sound waves pass through the solution they produce millions of tiny bubbles, which immediately collapse.

This immediate implosion creates a process called Cavitation. Cavitation lifts most contaminants from almost any surface without scratching, pitting or damaging the item.

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Air Conditioning Filters

air vent cleaning serviceEvery company and public institution pays great attention to the cleanliness of the ground level environment around employees and customers, however the same attention is rarely paid to what is overhead. One look at the ceilings in most offices will show the true cleanliness of the environment, where typically a great deal of dust and grime accumulates.

Eurosonics uses highly advanced ultrasonic technology to clean light reflectors and air-conditioning vents, which will improve the quality of the air and the lighting in any environment!

Ultrasonic cleaning uses ultra-high frequency sound transmitted through heated water containing special detergents. This causes microscopic bubbles to form in every crevice of the light reflector or air-conditioning filter/vent. The bubbles grow until they implode and it is these thousands of implosions per second that delivers the deep-cleaning action.

Eurosonics recommends cleaning light reflectors and air-conditioning filters and vents twice yearly to maintain the highest quality lighting and air conditions.

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Blind Cleaning

blind cleaning serviceOur blind cleaning services are second to none. Our standard service provides a complete pick-up and return service within 24 or 48 hours as required. For larger quantities or where the return of the blinds is required as quickly as possible, we can provide an on-site cleaning service.

The blinds are taken down before cleaning and re-hung by our own staff using our specially developed process that ensures that every blind is returned to the exact window it was taken from. This means that our service has very little, if any, impact on the day-to-day running of the facility.

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Window Cleaning

Eurosonics provides window washing/cleaning services to meet the needs of commercial customers. We use the very latest window cleaning equipment to provide efficient, eco-friendly and quality window cleaning services.

Complete Window Washing The Eurosonics Way

Eurosonics utilises a unique and advanced system called “Reach & Wash Thermo Pure”, which allows our employees to keep their feet safely on the ground while cleaning windows up to 65ft above them. Utilizing only purified heated water, it quickly dislodges and absorbs any dirt on the windows leaving crystal-clear, streak-free panes.

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Kitchen Cleaning

industrial kitchen cleaningYou need to be confident that your kitchens are squeaky clean for the safety if your staff and customers. Eurosonics gives you that peace of mind by providing cleaning to the exacting standards that meet with fire and insurance regulations using our specialised knowledge of commercial kitchen cleaning.

Our professionals know that you need more than your average residential cleaning work to the highest possible standards and aim to deliver a complete commercial cleaning job that you’ll be so pleased with that you’ll be happy to recommend us to others.

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Keyboard Cleaning

keyboard cleaning serviceKeyboard Cleaning can protect your keyboard from building up dirt that it can get from everyday use as well as protecting your staff from bacteria on the keyboard. Keyboards can get dirty very easily; to clean the surface of a keyboard is very straightforward.

However, to keep your keyboard in top condition our servicing of your keyboards will not just treat the top surface. Dirt and dust can coat the top of the keys and get hidden underneath; the accumulated mixture of this could cause the keys to stop working. As well as this the area under the keys can harbour germs and bacteria.

Eurosonics are Irelands leading IT equipment cleaning company. It is important to have a sufficient cleaning service of your IT peripherals including very importantly your keyboard. We provide a specialist cleaning team to reduce the risk of computer malfunctions and minimise the risk to your staff from contaminated IT equipment for example such as keyboards.

All our staff are specialist technicians and all of our employees are highly trained to handle this type of work efficiently and to the highest possible standards.

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Power Washing

power washing serviceEurosonics offers the most comprehensive power-washing service for any situation. Our industrial pressure washing service is consistent, prompt and best of all great value! Our customers enjoy a second to none professional power washing service.

Eurosonics are up to date on the very latest industrial cleaning technologies. We continue to keep up with the most modern and productive practices and the equipment and materials we use is environmentally friendly.

We take the necessary care at all times to ensure the safety of our staff and those around us by preparing detailed method statements prior to any work commencing and implementing proper controls and supervision.

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