Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning ServiceYou need to be confident that your kitchens are squeaky clean for the safety if your staff and customers. Eurosonics gives you that peace of mind by providing cleaning to the exacting standards that meet with fire and insurance regulations using our specialised knowledge of commercial kitchen cleaning.

Our professionals know that you need more than your average residential cleaning work to the highest possible standards and aim to deliver a complete commercial cleaning job that you’ll be so pleased with that you’ll be happy to recommend us to others.

Eurosonics offers a range of cleaning services for commercial kitchen operators including:

Kitchen Deep Cleaning
All surfaces including storage areas, cool rooms, windows, light fixtures, descaling of dishwasher, fryers, basically a top-to-toe sanitise and steam clean.

We start from the top and work down so we miss nothing on the way. We’ll move, open and clean everything including canopies, vents, ducts and filters, etc. to leave your kitchen gleaming. We provide a hygiene certificate when the job’s done to prove that your kitchen exceeds the required levels of cleanliness.

Deep Clean Kitchen Service Fron EurosonicsKitchen Extract Cleaning and Certification
Even the most efficient extraction filters cannot remove all grease and dirt from the air. Over time, a layer of grease and dirt is deposited on the surfaces of ventilation ducts,canopies and extractor fans.

Maintainence is required on a regular basis. Not only does this cause an environmental health hazard by providing a breeding ground for bacteria and foul odours, it also reduces the efficiency of your extraction system and is a major fire risk.

You can minimise the risk of fires in your kitchen by keeping your extract system dust and grease free with our full cleans and degreasing service.

On completion we provide full certification and reports for you to demonstrate to your insurers that you are taking the necessary preventative measures.

Grease Filter Laundry and Supply
Eurosonics Kitchen Cleaning ServicePrevention is better than cure and our regular schedule to maintain the integrity of Grease Filters that’s what you get.

You can ensure there’s no inconvenience or disruption to your business by deciding the timing when we will remove, collect and professionally clean your dirty grease filters, using state of the art cleaning equipment, and when we return them.

Eurosonics are incredibly proud of our track record with our Commercial Kitchen Cleaning services and are happy to discuss your specific needs to see how we can help. Call us on 01 821 6828 or you can Click Here Now for our full contact details.