What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonics is the application of mechanical sound waves to the cleaning process. This type of cleaning has proven to be the most effortless, quick and efficient method known today. The applications are virtually limitless, making this a welcome tool for any cleaning business and a unique business opportunity for those seeking a niche market.

How does ultrasonic cleaning work?

Ultrasonic cleaning is state-of-the-art technology. It utilizes a digital generator powering transducers submerged in a tank of hot water.

The transducers vibrate at a frequency of 40 KHz creating millions of tiny bubbles that form and implode. This repeated formation and implosion creates a gentle cleaning action known as Cavitation.
Cavitation has the ability to not only clean the surfaces of items, but also penetrate into the difficult to clean internal and crevice areas. It is safe and gentle. Ultrasonics will not scratch, pit or damage items the way that conventional cleaning methods can.

Why is ultrasonic cleaning so effective and efficient?

Ultrasonic cleaners accomplish the cleaning task within seconds. Window blind cleaning takes only 15 to 30 seconds per blind. It can remove build-up of dirt, nicotine, grease or soot. Hard-to-clean areas such as the headrail, cords and ladders also become clean, adding longevity of use and luster to the blind. Fire restoration contents that are covered with soot may be cleanable within 5 to 15 seconds. This eliminates the conventional and tedious method of hand wiping with expensive chemicals while cleaning more items than were previously possible.

Why Eurosonics?

Eurosonics Ltd. is a leader in the field of specialist cleaning and hygiene. We manage the jobs that traditional cleaning companies simply do not have the expertise or equipment to handle.

We offer these services to all sectors including corporate, education, healthcare and domestic. We have also developed highly specialized services, such as anti-bacterial ultrasonic cleaning of any type of item for the healthcare industry.

This is made possible by employing the latest technologies, solutions and fully trained cleaning specialists in every area of our business. This advanced equipment means your requirements are met at the right price and in a fraction of the time it would take to do the job half as well!

If your requirements dictate zero disruption to business hours we can meet that need while still delivering a cost-effective and top-level service. You will also benefit from dealing with one supplier for multiple needs thereby simplifying your payment schedule.