Air Conditioning Filters

Ultrasonic Ceiling Fixtures Cleaning
air conditioning vent cleaningEvery company and public institution pays great attention to the cleanliness of the ground level environment around employees and customers, however the same attention is rarely paid to what is overhead. One look at the ceilings in most offices will show the true cleanliness of the environment, where typically a great deal of dust and grime accumulates. Eurosonics uses highly advanced ultrasonic technology to clean light reflectors and air-conditioning vents, which will improve the quality of the air and the lighting in any environment!

Ultrasonic cleaning uses ultra-high frequency sound transmitted through heated water containing special detergents. This causes microscopic bubbles to form in every crevice of the light reflector or air-conditioning filter/vent. The bubbles grow until they implode and it is these thousands of implosions per second that delivers the deep-cleaning action.

Eurosonics recommends cleaning light reflectors and air-conditioning filters and vents twice yearly to maintain the highest quality lighting and air conditions.

Air Conditioning Vents Ultrasonically Cleaned
The quality of air in a building is paramount to health and general well-being. Our ultrasonic machinery will deep-clean air-conditioning filters and vents, removing any and all particles of dust and pollen as well as grime, restoring them to perfect working and aesthetic condition.

air conditioning vent cleaning serviceWe will come to your building, remove the Air Conditioning Vents and other fittings, clean them and re-install them, making this a fast and cost-effective service. Both these services can be completed out of hours to minimize disruption to your employees.

Light Reflector Cleaning
We also look after cleaning dirty reflectors. Dirty light reflectors will reduce a work or retail space into an unwelcoming and poor working environment.

Using state-of-the-art ultrasonic machinery, Eurosonics can provide a high-quality deep-clean for your light fixtures, removing dust, finger prints and other particles to leave a perfectly clean, blemish-free reflector.

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