Window Cleaning

Eurosonics provides window washing/cleaning services to meet the needs of commercial customers. We use the very latest window cleaning equipment to provide efficient, eco-friendly and quality window cleaning services.

Complete Window Washing The Eurosonics Way

Eurosonics utilises a unique and advanced system called “Reach & Wash Thermo Pure”, which allows our employees to keep their feet safely on the ground while cleaning windows up to 65ft above them. Utilizing only purified heated water, it quickly dislodges and absorbs any dirt on the windows leaving crystal-clear, streak-free panes.

This system eliminates the need for detergents, drastically reducing the impact on the environment and also any sticky residue, allowing windows to stay cleaner for longer. The system also allows the cleaning of the frames as well as the panes, so you enjoy double the benefit. Finally it increases our employee safety and efficiency, so you also benefit from reduced costs.

Expert Window Cleaning Contractors

When our window cleaning specialists arrive on-site they have all equipment and solutions required to quickly and effectively clean all your windows.

Our “Reach & Wash” system runs straight from our vans, so within a few minutes, purified, heated water is being delivered to your windows through brushes connected to carbon-fibre, ultra-light telescopic poles.

The purified water attracts the dirt and grime particles into it before simply falling away. The remaining clean hot water on the panes then dries to a crystal-clear and streak-free finish.

With the ability to reach windows 65ft up, our cleaning specialists can avoid the use of ladders or lifting equipment for almost all buildings and they can reach across railings, gaps or flower beds, so you get a fast, effective and non-intrusive cleaning service. It also allows us to clean all forms of surfaces including atria, paneling, canopies and fascia.

Flexible Window Washing To Suit Your Business Needs

Our services can be phased to meet your exact requirements, whether you require a scheduled yearly window clean or quarterly/monthly cleans or a combination, we can meet your need. For traffic or customer sensitive areas our specialists can wash your windows at any time, day or night thanks to our 100% self-contained vans that carry all the water and power required to carry out the job.

If you require the services of professional window cleaners, please contact us today to arrange a site inspection and quotation or if you would like to discuss any of the content shown above in more detail.