Custom Built Ultrasonic Machines

multistage-ultrasonic-cleaningIn recent years the use of ultrasonics and integrated ultrasonic cleaning systems has experienced tremendous growth. As labour becomes more expensive, as time becomes more valuable and as environmental issues need to be addressed, faster and more efficient cleaning methods are continuously being explored, and as a result, ultrasonic cleaning has become an industry standard in many areas.

Ultrasonic cleaning is faster, more efficient and more economical than any other conventional cleaning methods in the removal of oil, grease, carbon, buffing compounds, rust, scale and other contamination from a wide range of parts. Unlike manual cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning offers unmatched cleaning consistency.

whole-ultrasonic-systemIf you are considering the use of Ultrasonic cleaning and you believe you require a unique ultrasonic cleaning solution with custom design and specifications that fits your exact requirements? This will not pose a problem, as we are able to design and build machines for your specific situation. Our custom-built ultrasonic machines can engineered in all shapes and sizes and carry no special premium.

From 1 litre to 15, 000 litre capacities, and with a huge range of frequencies, densities and power ratings, Eurosonics custom built models will always deliver the best cleaning results with no compromise on either quality or reliability.

golf-club-ultrasonic-cleaning-machinesShould you require machines for more complex industrial cleaning processes, requiring multistage solutions, Eurosonics are pleased to consult fully with the customer in order to develop the system to suit the purpose. Custom-built ultrasonic machines can include a combination of aqueous, vapor and drying processes in a variety of flow control systems.

If you have a requirement for a bespoke solution contact us today and a member of our engineering team will be happy to assist you in designing a system to meet your requirements.

ultrasonic-cleaning-processThe things you should consider when designing a custom built solution are:

  • How large are the items that you intend to clean?
  • How large do you think the tank needs to be? We will recommend tank size as well…
  • What are the items made of?
  • What are you cleaning off of the items? Grease, tarnish, oxidation, dirt, grime etc…
  • What cleaning chemicals would you use? We will recommend cleaning solution as well…
  • Do you need heat and regulated heating capability?
  • What frequency do you need?
  • - 40 KHz cleans small dirt particles such as in medical labs, jewelry, tarnished metals…
  • - 28 KHz cleans larger particles such as grease, heavy oil, carburetors …
  • - We will suggest best fit.
  • - 28 KHz may be more expensive than 40 KHz in certain cases…

Let us show you how to improve your parts cleaning application by using ultrasonics – speed up the process, get cleaner results and free up labour. Save time, money and the environment. Call us today.