Max All

MAX All® is an all surface non-stick coating that provides an invisible barrier to prevent otherwise difficult to remove soils from adhering. This greatly reduces labor and time needed when the treated surface is cleaned, without requiring the use of harsh or toxic cleaners.


MAXALL may be applied to any surface not damaged by water. This no odor formula is nontoxic and may be used safely indoors or out, without ventilation requirements.

Recommended for removal on ghosting or shadows on:

  • All types of metals, plastic, painted surfaces, glass, ceramic, and any surface not effected by water.

  • General Instructions:

    • Surface to be treated should be free of all oils, grease, heavy soils, to insure maximum effectiveness.
    • Apply by spray, pump spray, brush, sponge or roller,
    • Apply a THIN UNIFORM COAT.
    • On smooth surfaces apply at the rate of 1500-2000 sq. ft./gallon. On porous surfaces such as cement, brick or wood apply at the rate of 250-400 sq. ft./gallon.
    • For maximum gloss and appearance, buff out the dried coating with a lint free cloth or buffing pad/drill for larger areas.
    • NOTE: Best results are obtained when applied with a dampened cloth and spread uniformly over the surface to be treated. APPLY 3 THIN COATS.

    Safety Instructions:

    • Protect all exposed skin areas with chemical resistant covering.
    • Always wear protective eyewear and chemical resistant gloves during handling and use.
    • If product gets on skin, wash off immediately. If product gets in eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes.
    • Respirator is recommended if sprayed.
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    • - Consistency: Thin liquid for maximum square foot coverage.
    • - Coverage: Non-porous, smooth surfaces: 1500 – 2500 sq. ft./gallon. Porous (wood, cement, brick): 250 – 400 sq. ft./gallon
    • - Use Temperatures:40 F- 130 F. Do not apply in freezing or near freezing temperatures.
    • - Storage: Stores between 40º F and 130ºF. DO NOT FREEZE. If frozen, thaw and remix before using. Keep out of the reach of children.
    • - Flammability: Dry film is non-flammable.
    • - V.O.C.’s: .4 lbs/gallon, 50 grams/liters. H.A.P.S. – none.
    • - Biodegradable: Yes
    • - Shipping: Not regulated, D.O.T. Proper shipping name: Cleaning Compound N.O.S., Class 55.
    • - Effective On: May also be used on brick, cement, grout, terrazo, clay tile, marble, and/or any other porous natural or man-made stone. Suitable for bare wood, wood products, as well as varnished or other wood finishes. May also be used on semi-gloss to high gloss paints.


    Downloadable Data Sheets – Just click the link below:

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