Shield Max

Shield Max®is an invisible water-carried all-weather long-term protection, formulated for most types of surfaces.Provides extra strong protection against spray paint and marker or felt tip pens. Protects against airborne pollution and moisture for a minimum of 5 years. Permeable and allows protected surfaces to breath. Correctly applied, life expectancy against graffiti is approximately 5 years. Prevents graffiti from penetrating into substrate. A sacrificial protection coating will always need to be re-applied after every removal process to re-protect the surface.


General Instructions:

Application Instructions:

  • Preparation: Clean off both graffiti and other contamination, such as traffic dirt, wax, oil and paint residue, etc. from substrate. Mask and protect windows in a suitable manner. Ideal temperature for external application should be between 50 F-95 F. Minimum temperature is 47 F. Relative humidity must not exceed 95%..
  • Exterior Protection: Shake or stir product well prior to use. SHIELD MAX can be applied with an airless sprayer, hand trigger sprayer, pump sprayer or roller. The protection is applied 2-3 times. NOTE: Allow some intermediate drying. SHIELD MAX can be applied to a damp, not wet, surface. Runs and/or excessive application can easily be washed off with water, following completion of work.
  • Interior Protection: Painted substrate can be protected using a squeegee, brush, roller or with low pressure spray in combination with a squeegee. The protection is applied three times.


  • Method 1 - Normal Substrate:

    Remove graffiti with high pressure hot water at 1000-2000 PSI and 190 F. In difficult case GRAFFITI SOLUTIONS Graffiti Removers are used in a conventional manner. Re-protect cleaned area.
  • Method 2 - Sensitive Substrate:

    Apply SHADOW MAX® with a low pressure sprayer. Allow a few minutes for the remover to act and then rinse off with hot water at 800-1200 PSI and 190 F. The method is most suitable when substrate is brittle.


  • Painted Substrate: Dampen the area with SHADOW MAX® and wipe off the graffiti with cloth. If possible, use high pressure hot water and wet vac machines.
  • Porous Substrate: Rinse off with hot water and wet vac. When removing graffiti, the protective coating is also normally removed. Re-protect 2-3 times with SHIELD MAX.


  • - Consistency: Use concentrated. SHAKE WELL before use.
  • - Coverage: Coverage varies according to the porosity of the surfaces and how much the material soaks up the product by capillary action. Concrete, rough cast cement, bricks, etc: 200-400 square feet per gallon. Sandstone, cinder blocks and other absorbent surfaces: 80-200 square feet per gallon.
  • - Use Temperatures: Ideal surface temperatures are between 50°F – 95°F. Relative humidity is not to exceed 95%
  • - Storage: Stores between 40°F and 130°F. DO NOT FREEZE. If frozen, thaw and remix before using. Keep out of the reach of children.
  • - Flammability: Nonflammable, non-combustible.
  • - V.O.C.’s: .4 lbs./gal., 50 grams/liter H. A. P. S. -none.
  • - Volatility: Very low rate of evaporation. Ventilation required in confined areas.
  • - Biodegradable: Yes
  • - Shipping: Not regulated, D.O.T. Proper shipping name: Cleaning Compound N.O.S., Class 55.


Downloadable Data Sheets – Just click the link below:

SHIELD MAX_MSDS2010.pdf 27.14 KB

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