ultrasonic equipmentWelcome to Eurosonics Ultrasonics Equipment. We are long established operator in the Ultrasonics cleaning industry. Eurosonics specializes in building quality Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for the fire restoration, window blind cleaning, medical cleaning, parts cleaning and golf club cleaning industries.

Eurosonics Ltd offers a wide assortment of ultrasonic cleaning machines and business opportunities specializing in window blind cleaning, fire restoration, mold remediation, parts cleaning and golf club cleaning. Inventors of the original blind cleaning machine, we manufacture our ultrasonic cleaners to top quality standards.

What is ultrasonic cleaning?
ultrasonic equipmemtUltrasonics is the application of mechanical sound waves to the cleaning process. This type of cleaning has proven to be the most effortless, quick and efficient method known today. The applications are virtually limitless, making this a welcome tool for any cleaning business and a unique business opportunity for those seeking a niche market.

Ultrasonic cleaners accomplish the cleaning task within seconds. Window blind cleaning takes only 15 to 30 seconds per blind. It can remove build-up of dirt, nicotine, grease or soot.

Hard-to-clean areas such as the headrail, cords and ladders also become clean, adding longevity of use and luster to the blind. Fire restoration contents that are covered with soot may be cleanable within 5 to 15 seconds. This eliminates the conventional and tedious method of hand wiping with expensive chemicals while cleaning more items than were previously possible.

ultrasonic cleaner tankWhat kind of business opportunities are there in the ultrasonic cleaning industry?

Our ultrasonic cleaners and knowledge of the ultrasonic and blind cleaning industry have proven exceptionally valuable not only in the development of our equipment, but also our ability to help you start, build, maintain, and expand a profitable cleaning business.

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