Medical Equipment

hospital equipment cleaning before afterEurosonics provides healthcare cleaning services to meet the specialist needs of hospitals and other healthcare facilities and to help them meet their cleanliness targets. There are a number of cleaning contractors that provide the bulk of a hospital’s cleaning needs, but their services cannot provide a solution to the more specialist cleaning needs that all facilities require (or are realising they require) periodically, i.e. professional hospital bed cleaning and bin cleaning.

This is due to the fact that the cleaning contractors staff are not trained in the deep-cleaning of these “special” items and they simply do not have the specialist equipment or the processes required to manage these cleaning projects. Eurosonics is a specialist cleaning company that has invested in the right equipment and staff to allow us to deliver high quality cleaning of virtually any item.

reflectors being cleaned ultrasonicsSome of the more common services we provide to healthcare facilities include hospital bed cleaning, blind cleaning, bin cleaning and ceiling cleaning, for more information on these or to discuss a specific requirement not highlighted, please contact us today.

If you would like to discuss any of the hospital cleaning services shown above, or you have a need for specialist cleaning services not shown here, please contact us today to arrange a site inspection and quotation.