Jig Stripping

Jig stripping is a highly specialised service that requires a high degree of expetise and experience. Here at Eurosonics we have that high level of focus, attention to detail, expertise and experience required to handle you jig stripping project.

In metalworking and woodworking, a jig is a type of tool used to control the location and/or motion of another tool. A jig’s primary purpose is to provide repeatability, accuracy, and interchangeability in the manufacturing of products. A jig is often confused with a fixture; a fixture holds the work in a fixed location. A device that does both functions (holding the work and guiding a tool) is called a jig.

In the rigorous day to day environments in which jigs are used, industrial waste can build and decrease there ability to preform at peak levels. The solution is to keep them free and clear of excess build-up.

Our jig stripping service offers a way to strip down your jigs so that they are quite literally like new. The benefit to your business operation is that you can be sure your tooling equipment is operating at there optimum levels with maximum accuaracy.

We have invested in the Best Available Technology which provides a fast, cost-saving and environmentally friendly method of removing organic contaminants from steel parts.

We are set up for stripping organic coatings and contaminations from steel parts in our facilities in Ireland. We also offer on-site cleaning services. Use our technical expertise and benefit from the advantages without a big capital investment.

Stripping polyester powder, epoxy-polyester powder and many wet paints from jigs and steel components can be carried out with similar techniques to that OF aluminium components. Our chemical stripping service is used in the recovery of high base value components for a wide number of industries, where cosmetic look of the jig is of the highest importance and even a fundamental requirement, utilising superior plant and specialist processes.

The chemical stripping process is also useful for thin wire or magnetic jigs and powder line flight bars where thermal stripping would cause the jigs to weaken over time.

By using non aggressive Benzyl Alcohol based stripping chemicals, Eurosonics can ensure that the jigs are returned back to there raw state with absolutely no detrimental effect on the base substrate, the process leaving the initially applied pre-treatment in place. Consequently the jig can be re-coated without the need for additional preparation activities.

If you are looking for an exceptional jig stripping service then please contact us today to arrange a site inspection and quotation or if you would like to discuss your jig stripping requirements in more detail.

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