Plastic Coating

Application of thermoplastic coating powders

Plastic coating is the process of applying a thermoplastic to the surface of metal items to provide long-term corrosion, impact and chemical resistance whilst offering an attractive decorative finish. Plastics tend to be applied a little thicker than standard paints and are generally impermeable to water or aggressive chemicals. As a result thermoplastics are ideal for very long term protection of metal in the construction and automotive industries or for the coating of welded items such as wire baskets, fencing mesh and cylinders.

The spraying of Thermoplastic Powders Uses a similar process to Powder coating where charged Thermoplastic Powder particles are sprayed onto metalwork hanging on an earthed conveyor track.

The difference between the two is that the next stage of Thermoplastic Powder coating is to melt the plastic powder particles onto the metalwork rather that ‘cure’ them as in powder coating.

The benefit is to be able to plastic coat work, with all the features that entails, which is usually too big or too fragile to be dip coated.

Features includes:
• Thicker coatings than traditional ‘PowderCoating’
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Good Impact resistance
• Excellent Weather resistance
• Flexible
• ‘Warm’ to the touch
• Excellent UV resistance
• Good Edge coverage

Typical components are:
• Rainwater Gutters and Downpipes
• Roof rack components
• Outdoor Wirework
• Garden Equipment
• Industrial Roof Insulation Supports
• Display equipment
• Handrailing
• Security Posts
• Barriers