Wet Spray Painting

wet spary paintingEurosonics are one of the largest independent spray painting facility in Ireland and here at our cutting edge facilities we can offer you very high quality with a fast turn around time on both single items and batch production. Customers from all over Ireland come to us to get the highest quality finish possible for there products.

Eurosonics is fully equipped to provide spray painting services to meet the needs of commercial customers looking for professional wet spray painting of any type of materials. We use the very latest equipment to provide efficient, quality preparation and spray painting of virtually any surface.

Our spray painters are fully trained & experienced in the latest techniques which enables us to provide the quality service and finish you desire.

Spray Painting Characteristics

Spray painting is a fast and consistent method of applying liquid paint to almost any type of surface. The process involves spraying an atomised mist onto the surface to be coated. The droplets coalesce to form a continuous film of paint which solidifies as the paint dries.

Many different types of paint are available to provide a combination of desirable characteristics including colour, gloss level, texture, toughness and resistance to wear, and chemical action or weather.

We do a complete range of colours and textures and we provide colour matching that is unrivaled by our competitors.

As with all surface finishing processes, spray paint should only be applied to properly prepared surfaces in order to ensure good adhesion. Preparation may include cleaning, filling, sanding, bead blasting or removal of existing coating.

A coat of primer is often required to help create a good bond between the paint and the surface being painted.

Complete Spray Painting Services

wet spray painting projectOur spray painting facilities allows us to manage many varied project types, involving small to medium sized items, such as small parts to hospital beds, to bigger projects. We include priming to finishing in any colour of paint (including metallic finishes) or clear lacquers as required.

We have the very latest equipment incorporating spray painting booths and drying/curing ovens to provide quality spraying/painting of any parts.

For customers who avail of our sand blasting services of metal parts, we also provide wet-spray painting, which means that fresh metal (which will quickly oxidise and produce rust) will be protected and look pristine.

Whether you need parts re-coated for practical purposes or even painting for cosmetic reasons, we will spray-paint them to the highest standards and can even deliver a perfect match to your corporate colours using standard RAL specifications and provide both gloss and matte finishes.

Quality Spraying/Painting Company

wet-spray-painting-smallLike all our other services, our primary goal is to provide the best spray painting service possible. All surfaces are therefore per-treated prior to finishing ensuring the perfect finish and durability. We have highly trained staff that can tackle any project in any volume large or small.

Eurosonics is a specialist in this field, so we can also advise on the best approach for a given requirement to ensure the best and most durable finish.

No matter what your spray painting project is, large or small, simple or complex, we will take meticulous care and attention with it to ensure a superior service every single time.

If you are looking for spray painting services, please click here contact us today to arrange a site inspection and quotation or if you would like to discuss any of the content shown above in more detail.