Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaning Machines

How It Works
ultrasonic golf club cleaningUltrasonic cleaning has been in use for many years to clean stubborn and difficult to reach soils and dirt. Ultrasonic cleaning works by the generation of ultrasonic sound waves in a specially formulated solution of surfactants.

The ultra-sonic motors transmit sound at 40 Kilohertz through the water and this causes microscopic bubbles to form on the surface of anything in the solution. The bubbles then grow like a balloon until they implode. This is called “cavitation” and just like when a balloon bursts and you feel the force of the implosion against your face, the bursting bubbles collapse with enormous force, but it is on a microscopic scale. The result of this technology is to loosen then dislodge all the dirt from the golf clubs and grips through the microscopic blasts.

Delicate But Very Effective
Ultrasonic cleaning is not a new technology and has been used for many decades in a wide variety of industries. Uses of ultrasonic cleaning vary from very heavy grit removal after such tasks as metal  polishing to cleaning very sensitive lenses and optical equipment, surgical and dental equipment.

The Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution
The cleaning solution is the medium that cleans the clubs and this is helped by the ultrasonic activity, water is not effective as a cleaning solution. As you would expect a special cleaning solution is needed that can withstand the effects of cavitation as normal household cleaners will break down during the cleaning cycle and may in time harm the ultrasonic equipment. Our specially formulated solution reduces the surface tension and so aids the cavitation / cleaning process but is very robust and so withstands the ultrasonic process giving up to 20 cleans per tank. Our solution is used warm at 50 – 65OC to further improve the level of cleaning.

The Avanti 5000 series Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
ultrasonic golf cleaning• The latest technology in golf club cleaning equipment
• Fully automatic cleaning system
• Set of clubs cleaned in 3 minutes
• Advertising medium for your club or clients
• Full CE certification / IP65 rated
• Stainless steel and GRP construction
• Complete with full 12 month warranty
• Available with extended warranty and service contract
• Manufactured and serviced in Ireland

The series 5000 Avanti golf club cleaning system will clean a full set of golf clubs in less than 3 minutes

The machine is PLC controlled to:
ultrasonic golf club cleaning• Clean the clubs and grips
• Remove cleaning solution after 20 uses
• Refill with water and cleaning solution
• Heat the solution to operating temperature
• Thermostatic control of the temperature to maintain optimum cleaning temperature
• Provide an average of 12 cleaning cycles per hour

How Long Does It take To Clean Clubs And Can It Damage Clubs ?
The cleaning process only takes 3 minutes in total to clean your clubs and grips. Ultrasonic cleaning is far more effective than hand cleaning. You would have to spend hours tediously scrubbing your clubs to get close to the 3 minute cleaning power of ultrasonic’s. Not only that, but your clubs would incur more damage from scrubbing than they ever would from ultrasonic cleaning!

How Often Should Clubs Be Cleaned ?
How often you use this machine depends entirely on two factors; your handicap and the frequency of play. If you have a very low handicap (below 5) then you really want to be looking at cleaning your clubs every 1 to 2 rounds of golf. If you have a high handicap (above 18) then you would want to be cleaning your clubs at least every 4 rounds. However this does not take into account the frequency of play. If you only play a round of golf per week then your frequency of cleaning would be higher, this is because the mud and grime would be left on the clubs and grips for longer,causing long-term damage and shortening the life-span of your clubs. Also left un-cleaned for a week the mud hardens in the grooves like cement making it much harder to clean.

However if we simply look at the handicap factor, the average cleaning frequency is as follows:
0 to 4 – Every Round
5 to 9 – Every 1 to 2 Rounds
10 to 18 – Every 2 to 3 Rounds at least
19 to 27 – Every 3 to 4 Rounds at least
28 to 36 – Every 4 to 5 Rounds at least

How Many Clubs Can Be Cleaned At Once ?
ultrasonic golf cleaning before afterThe machines are built to handle the regulation number of clubs (14). If more than this are put into the tanks the effectiveness of the ultra-sonic sound waves are greatly reduced and therefore the cleaning action is impaired. No damage will be caused to either the machine or the clubs, but the clubs will simply not be cleaned as effectively.

Why Do Clubs Need To Be Cleaned ?
Club manufacturers spend literally millions of Euro every year to refine the technology behind golf clubs such that the club strikes the ball perfectly and delivers the most distance possible from every club. Golf clubs and especially irons are have grooves designed into the club for very special reasons. They are CRITICAL in allowing you to play your best golf !

Clean grooves:-
• Act like tyre treads to drive air, liquid & debris away from the contact surface for perfect shots.

• “Bite” into the ball to create between 3,600rpm and 6,000rpm of spin, providing aerodynamic lift for for longer shots plus more stability in flight.


Why Do Grips Need To Be Cleaned ?
Grips are made to absorb moisture and take it away from the surface. But that means they absorb and store the sweat, oils, dirt and germs from your hands too!
Cleaning your grips every time you clean your clubs:-
• Delivers better moisture control in wet conditions or in hot weather when hands perspire.
• Provides maximum tackiness allowing more control and responsiveness to reduce errors.
• Makes them last much longer because corrosive perspiration, oils and grime are removed.
• Is simply more hygienic !

Power consumption – on average 10kWhrs per day
Water consumption – 1 litre per clean
Cleaning solution – 12.5ml per clean

We hope you find the information here relevant and useful to you. Eurosonics have a wealth of experience and knowledge in providing a superior, mobile golf club cleaning service to the golfing world.

We take pride in offering a friendly, reliable, high quality and cost effective service – whether our solution is offered on a ‘pay as you go’ basis at golf clubs, or on a corporate/charity event. If you’re looking for something different, Eurosonics has the answer.

Golf Club Cleaning

golf cleaning machineryIt is a known fact that dirt buildup on the face of a golf club takes backspin off the ball and affects the angle and distance of the golfer’s shot. Clean grooves propel each shot higher and farther, with increased backspin, so the ball sticks on the green. This can change the golfer’s overall score and consistency of game.

Smooth, dirty grips can slip from a golfer’s hands. Many golfers have had the embarrassing moment of accidentally throwing a club.

Dirt and grime age clubs. Expensive clubs can pit and discolor if not cleaned regularly.

With Eurosonics Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaners, all the problems associated with dirty clubs are removed. Within 2 minutes, even the toughest built-up dirt in grooves is removed safely and gently.

Profit Potential for Golf Club Cleaning

Golf has become an increasingly popular game. Your area may have many public and private courses where you can set up a machine. The average golf course has 200 golfers a day. If only 10% of the golfers have their set of 14 clubs cleaned for €10, your potential for the day is €200 (plus tips!). If you clean clubs for only 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 6 months a year (prime golfing months), you can make approximately €24,000 per year per machine. With 5 machines, you could make €120,000 per year.

Installing a token-operated vending machine on the golf course removes the cost of labor and allows the golfer to self operate the machine utilizing tokens purchased at the Pro Shop.

This represents an unparallelled opportunity in a specific niche in the cleaning industry. From the very beginning , Eurosonics has received excellent feedback from golfers, from golf clubs and from our corporate clients and their customers. Couple this with our wealth of experience, unparalleled commitment and excellent levels of support and we present a fantastic franchise opportunity.

We now need additional partners to assist with nationwide coverage. We are looking for high calibre people to join us and help meet demand.

By becoming involved with the Eurosonics Club Cleaning opportunity, we can provide you with an opportunity to control your workload, whilst earning an excellent income within an enjoyable golfing environment.

We have a superb business model, the best machines and most of all the drive to succeed. With our support and training, you too can be part of this great business opportunity.

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